Texture Compression with Texture Package The rule :     DEFAULT CONFIGURATION FOR SCENE CANVAS SCALER SCREEN SPACE – OVERLAY SCALE WITH SCREEN SIZE 1536X2048 MATCH WIDTH OR HEIGHT MATCH=1 REFERENCE PPU=1 CAMERA SIZE=1024 IMAGE PPU=1   EQUATION PIXELS PER UNIT =(VERTICAL/(ORTHOGRAPHIC SIZE*2))   uk football betting tips and predictions footballtipsbetting.com latest soccer

The idea: We need to use 2 collection views in 1 view controller. First collection view has no header and the second has a header. So we need to register header(nib) for the second collection view controller only.         By calling this code: best soccer dropping odds footballdroppingodds.com dropping odds movements and

Hi, Build on IOS running time : too long. The workflow to build from unity to iOS device takes a lot of time. 10Mn, 20mn for some projects. We got the issue with Frant’s garden also. It’s a lot of time. But the worst is when the build time from Xcode that takes forever. And

What is the problem: First, If I want to build different app with Android studio, we have to create different projects. When you want to generate quickly different apps, that differs only because of content, it can really be a hassle if the number is high. Which is it in our case.     free

 Change language in application A usefull snippet if you want to change the locale of the app without having to go through the settings. Configuration conf = getResources().getConfiguration(); conf.locale = new Locale(iso3SupportLanguage[position]); DisplayMetrics metrics = new DisplayMetrics(); WindowManager wm = (WindowManager) getActivity().getSystemService(Activity.WINDOW_SERVICE); wm.getDefaultDisplay().getMetrics(metrics); getResources().updateConfiguration(conf, metrics); Resources resources = new Resources(getActivity().getAssets(), metrics, conf); resources.updateConfiguration(conf, metrics);

Flow Layout in your face.

There is no native FlowLayout component, so for people. The following library gives a hand, but changing the space between category can be tricky, so we made it as default to get things done. Take a look if you are interested: https://github.com/hongyangAndroid/FlowLayout

What is the problem? Slow to build the app if the app is multi-dex (over 65K method). And the build time is taking more than 1mn.   What’s the solution? We can configure to make build multi-dex faster. Your device just need to have Android Lollipop or up.   Configure gradle like below When building,