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Numbees & The world of Math, Rank #1 in Apps For Learn Category in Applestore Japan :)

Numbees is a game for all ages and help the children to practice math with fun.

Improve all brains with a great puzzle game!!

The story

In a world not too far away, there is not so long ago, Numbers revealed themselves as the energy source of all beings. One day, strange monsters, known as NkrOo, tried to kept all the digits for themselves. But the NkrOo were not wise, greedy and stupid. Little by little, numbers were kept hidden from all inhabitants of the world. And little by little, ancient power known as Math was lost.

However one day a small group of rebels decided to say stop and to re-conquer their freedom by getting back the numbers from the NkrOos.

Unlock secrets

You can access to this screen from the main screen. Tap the arrow to monitor the stars you collected in the academy.
Tap the Numbee at the bottom to see the hidden trophies you have unlocked.

Improve your brain!

Real educational value …

  • Learning smooth tables (addition, subtraction multiplication and division).
  • Acquiring good habits by doing mental arithmetic fun
  • Incentives and rewards efforts
  • Errors used in teaching the mechanics of the game
  • Check progress through the results table

Grrreat puzzle!

Combined with a real game!

  • Original universe and pleasant
  • Mechanics simple and fun
  • Progressive difficulty that fits all
  • 6 games modes
  • Rewards and unlockable secrets

Numbees and the world of math is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

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